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By Running
Mattias93 wrote:
Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:05 am
Any universal controller to suggest? I got one of this and I'm reverse enigneering it at the moment, with my low skills. There's only one GPS module and antenna, together with GSM, they are in the plastic box, and there's no way to separate it from the control board. The top display is just a battery meter.
Did you have any luck with flash identification model and with your convert project?
I'm in the same condition. I have one scooter that doesn't have the original board that controls the gsm, speaker, lock, module.

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By Ben J
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If you buy the correct controller, Power remains the same. The controller may have different acceleration or features, but power remains.
You can even go higher power, But that requires a couple more braincells than just click a mouse and ask.
hophamsean wrote:
Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:04 pm
By installing the universal controller, does it limit the power of the scooter? Does the speed reduced in anyway?

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By Mattias93
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I've successfully installed this controller.
I've connected:
- Battery to controller (please note that the thinner red cable on the power line is the ignition on. I've bridged with the other red cable that goes to the battery, it won't work otherwise);
- PHASE cables;
- Haul cables;
- Original throttle 3 cables.

- The battery has his own plug to be recharged;
- I don't have a display so I can't say what was the maximum speed, but I would say I was afraid to fall;
- I've applied thermal paste inside this controller and bridged the regenerative bridge hole to GND (but it probably doesn't work anyway);
- To make a better job I've cut all the cables from the original controller and soldered to the new one, so it's plug-n-play;
- You will need to spend some time with a tester to understand how to connect the throttle, as the cable that bridges it from the top to the ground has weird color code, as it transports also the brake cable (which I haven't connected anyway). From the throttle to this cable the color code is correct anyway, so you don't need to discover the functions of them.
- The controller doesn't fit inside the original hole, I will try something later.
- No lights wired yet, as I recall the power conversion happened on the mainboard, later on I will try to see whether I can grab some 3,3 (headlight), 5 or 12V in the BMS.

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