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hey all,

so i've been tinkering with a bunch of scooters lately and i came across a ninebot es1 all original on craigslist. when i finally got it all back together (it came completely dissassembled), i could'nt get it to go over 16mph no matter what flash i used. i know the board and motherboard are original since it updates from the app correctly and i am able to flash firmwares, but it seems like it's physically limited to 16mph on the bench test. am i missing something?

it was an es1 that i added an external battery to. when i installed the battery, i had to update the battery firmware and the mainboard firmware to work.

If you really want more power to go faster, decrease your power constant. I personally use 27500 (on my m365), but look online for your specific model to see what other people have found to be tolerable and lasted long. Too low and you might burn out your motor controller and need to replace it (30 usd?) But usually it doesn't get to that point, the controller will shut itself off first. You'll hopefully see at least a major acceleration boost (arguably more worth it than top speed, but people like big numbers lmao)

i'll give that a try.

i have few others that i ride but only two that fold. my m365 tops at 20mph now, i just want another folding one that i can keep up with my wife when we take them in the car. it's not a huge difference but you can tell when we start to race each other haha. (safely of course)

is there anyone that can help?

i have tried to downgrade the battery firmware to 1.3.6 and 1.2.2

i am using the custom firmware 1.3.3 and i did a max speed of 45kmh with no braking etc and lowered the power constant to 45k and it still maxes out at 15mph. this is so frustrating! do i need to flash something else? thanks

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