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Enjoy the juice
By jameelalayyan
I am a juicer for Lime and have lots of connections within the corporation. In fact I was recently offered a corporate job, but the pay wasn't as good as juicing, so I declined the job.

On a recent drop-off I met a mechanic that told me about an issue with 06E scooter codes. Basically these are scooters that aren't ridden or juiced in a 48 hour period. When there's no rider and it's not being charged, the system takes it off the map. When this happens it throws an error code, thereby unlocking the scooter.

The thing is that with this error code the throttle isn't engaged and the scooter will just sit with the light on and an error code. When a customer reports the error code, we then can pick it up and take it to the warehouse/drop location.

What he told me is that when the scooters throw this code, they remove the code by placing a magnet on the scooter. What's interesting though is that unlocks the scooter. He showed me one example where this code was on the scooter and the green box was detached. He put a magnet up to the green box, it reset the scooter, and he unplugged the cable on the green box. The scooter was fully rideable and not detected in the system since the GPS was not there.

My hypothesis is if you find an 06E scooter, unplug and detach the green box, it will reset and there you go. You have a working scooter for personal use. I would like to test the theory, but the challenge is taking the risk on an auctioned scooter. Anyone with more knowledge/experience can confirm the hypothesis?

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By Sc00tr
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Where is the scooter code located, I.e how would I find out if the one I have is an 06E?

If the one I have is then I will surely test it for you.

By jameelalayyan
Sc00tr wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:54 pm
Where is the scooter code located, I.e how would I find out if the one I have is an 06E?

If the one I have is then I will surely test it for you.
It's on the dashboard. It'll just say 06E on the board.

By Jimbooti
i have come across E error code before, can't remember if it's (06 04 02) E, tho i never had any insight until now thank u so much, yesterday i came across another lime , lights on and powered up with the battery critically low and flashing, can't remember if it had an error code as i've had one before but as soon as i gave it enough juice it turned back into a regular lime not too long after unplugging. i am also under the impression that limes go into emergency mode when they are about to lose power. and this on state is triggered with hopes of someone 'rescuing' it. the lime i found yesterday is rideable (throttle works) was given juice and is being observed. if another day goes by i am going to assume this will stay in free ride as long as it isn't fully charged.

By A3sage
Interesting, but seeing as the people @ the lime hubs can control a lot of what you see on the user end I wouldn’t get to happy.

By Jimbooti
the lime i found was free ride mode until i fell asleep and forgot it plugged in ; woke up to an off state lime. so again the not fully charging seems to have been the condition to keep; as this has been in free ride state for 4+ days with a 97% level charge as the highest before unplugging, until last night.

By David McMurran
You need a pretty strong magnet. I went to serve at a Hub yesterday and there was an unlocked scooter in the hub already and I realised it had the 06E error on it and it wasn’t rideable, so I took it home with me and held a magnet on the right side of the Green GPS Box and it didn’t do anything at first but about 30 seconds after I took the magnet off it played the unlock jingle a few times and the 06E error cleared and I could ride it. After I had a little ride on it I left it outside my house (unlocked) and it locked up after about 2 hours.
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