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As it turns out, tyre pressure is not that simple and harder tyres/ more pressure does not necessarily mean lower rolling resistance because the road is not perfectly flat and striking small bumps hard can waste more energy than just flexing over them. There is apparently a sweet spot.
Of course, information specific to these scooters is not as easy to find as for bikes and cars, so I want to hear your thoughts and experiences here.

It was about ~15C outside during all 3 runs. Drove 4.92 km, went back home and charged up to full before driving the same exact route again for second and third test. The "Bat. level end + 10 min" means I waited 10 minutes before reading the battery level at the end of the run because the battery .. I dont know.. does something and the level increases. Something something chemical reactions and voltage balancing. I weigh 83 kg (without backpack and stuff). The road was well mixed with both very smooth surfaces and somewhat rough brick like things.

(Test 1)


Tyre pressure: ~ 4.5 bar

Bat. temp at start: 25C

Bat. temp at end: 32/33C

Bat. level start: 41.2 V, 7807 mah, 100%

Bat. level end: 38.41V, 5769 mah, 73%

Bat. level end + 10 min: 38.9V, 6140 mah, 78%


(Test 2)


Tyre pressure ~ 5.5 bar

Bat. temp at start: 26/27C

Bat. temp at end: 32/33C

Bat. level start: 41.21 V, 7805 mah, 100%

Bat. level end: 38.43 V, 5790 mah, 74%

Bat. level end + 10 min: 38.93V, 6155 mah, 78%


(Test 3)


Tyre pressure ~ 3.5 bar

Bat. temp at start: 26/27C

Bat. temp at end: 33/33C

Bat. level start: 41.18V, 7803 mah, 100%

Bat. level end: 38.17 V, 5616 mah, 71%

Bat. level end + 10 min: 38.71 V, 6000 mah, 76%


Conclusion: The difference between 4.5 and 5.5 bar is pretty much negligible, a fraction of a percent, considering I forgot my water bottle and was about 0.5 kg lighter and the ride was considerably harder. At 3.5 the difference was, I would say, significant, but the ride was, as expected, a bit smoother than 4.5. I personally dont think the difference in ride smoothness was enough for the range lost and pumped the tyres back to 4.5 (or more like 4.3 because I am super indecisive.)

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