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Hi guys
I have one question with problem of changing external battery on longer trip
I have ES4 un-activated going max 27Km/h
with external battery i normally rode about 24Km
with internal battery only about 18Km
today i'v tried drain internal battery to 0% than i connected External fully charged and rode another 10Km then scooter starts to braking like have not enough energy and ext.bat has still 50% capacity, i changed again ext.battery to new fully charged and rode to home next 6 Km with normal functions

What experiences with changing external batteries do you have and how it relay works for you?

Aidan_ wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:08 am
So I tried this the other day and it worked but the scooter wouldn't reach its normal 32KM Per Hour instead we only got up to 27 KM per hour but that's still good I guess
You drained the internal to 0% and also changed the external for a full one?... Then how reacted the internal? Charging and riding?

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