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By ruttydm
humanbeing21 wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:31 pm
ruttydm wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:49 pm
Well I'm from Belgium... I can always help.
Hello new Belgium friend! Can you buy one of these and ship it to me? To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I'll pay 150 EUR + shipping. Do you have PayPal?
Sure but I'm broke at the moment, so you gotta wait till july or pay in advance.

By Joetwo2
Has anyone found a way to replace the board on the wheels ebike? What model is the board if so?

By htidwell1970
I wrote to another authorized dealer last month. I think it was in France... They didn’t even bother responding. I don’t think it would be that for difficult to find a bonded freight forward or for someone in Belgium that might be willing to help for a fair fee - escrow services online may make sense if you’re looking to purchase something major like a whole bike... if it’s just a part you might get lucky. Just a thought.

The following is a free fllowvbrain dump a lot of different ideas that have been swirling in my head it’s kind of late at night I don’t have my glasses and I’m typing this from a small phone screen. Lots of squinting. Please cut me a little slack I’m using Google voice to text I speak English as a first notsecond language I swear.

There are (as I understand it) 3 Ways to get this scooter running:

#1 QR scan and rent as Wheels intends. Due to the fact that tracker is not connected to ANYTHING physically, the tracking spygadget beeper looking guy must get a cellular trigger through its radio/sim and then wirelessly beam a control signal to either the rfid sensor in the dashboard or some reciver in the controller (it sits very close to it). They may have a contract with that company as a technology partner and not only get some type of bulk discount on all those tracker subscriptions ($25 or so a month per tracker to public) but they may have customized hardware versions that have transmission that the others don’t I wouldn’t think that a standard tracker would need to have a transmission capability like that ... Just speculating I welcome thoughts and input.
#2 rfid fob aka ic card

#3 Bluetooth BLE by way of the elusive “ i-walk ev” app its been removed from apple app store and play store. I did manage to aquire an earlier version thats in chinese (decipherable w google translate) The problem is it wants your phone number to validate it set up for a Chinese format of phone number. This is what the manual at the FCC ID site refers to as binding a phone to a scooter via the app. This BLE technology is probably the same method that the tracker uses to turn it on. I think RFID would have to be closer. I think. I read that some of the ninebot es dashboards only have Bluetooth connectivity for a foot or so away.

*EDIT*. Ok soleft out the 4th way which is to buy a $15 generic scotter controller rated at 48v 250w from ebay/aliwhatever/amazon and drop it in... but I have to ask you... WHERES THE STREET CRED IN DOING THAT. !?!? That’s just picking the low hanging fruit my friend how about trying to cross the ocean in a canu... lets go for something a little more challenging. Any hack can swap a controller and ride around with a blanked out dashboard...but the man that walks up to a scooter and starts it w his phone with 100% Of the intended functionality ... That is the man that the most interesting man in the world from the dos xx commercials fears the most. A hero to many, he will live forever in their memory and will bed many women.

So what I understand about RF ID is that the receiving pad sends out a beacon and also the field like wireless charging which enables many of the key fobs which are actually passive with no battery to function. When you press the on button the little graphic on the dashboard is a little square running around clockwise. So if I’m correct and it’s listening for an RF ID and for Bluetooth at the same time it made sense to do a more in-depth Bluetooth Energy scan and while it was pulsing on the screen I was getting signal through a receiver that it was intermittently pulsing sorry I’m rambling....The software is called ramble ironically it’s free in the App Store for android. It also captured two unique UU ID numbers that were unknown. Attempts to bluetooth pair by various means have failed , but the scooters Bluetooth speaker is a separate board and it is easy to pair like any other headphones. I wonder if A rooted device might be able to spoof Bluetooth Mac address that was more agreeable -like its own or if we could determine the MAC address of the little tracker and then BOOMconnect.

The prerequisite for doing This with your phone is that it’s support NFC. (Near field communicationj Of which the RF ID protocol this is one subset of many formats Falling under the NFC umbrella there’s an app in the App Store actually there’s a few called NFC? Or NFC enabled to test your phones capabilities if you’re not sure. It’s mostly an android thing I think you can do it on iPads and iPhones that are Jailbroken it’s a little more complicated. Google is your friend.

So am I - breakdown of compatible phones by manufacture and date

So the last thought I’ve had about this lately is using my Samsung S9 as an RF ID Emulator To transmit what the key Fob transmits once the receiving pad wakes it up or polls it. If anyone has one of those key Fobs or working cardsI’m very very interested in what data the RFID Fob copying apps would collect and in what format.

I saw an article about a guy using the Samsung pay app on his s9 to open up the security door at his office instead of an RF ID fob. I understand that each scooter has a unique ID but I don’t think it’s going to be that hard to figure out what it’s based on. At the moment there’s a particular order of turning on the scooter in a certain way that will produce a four digit code on screen. To the right side of the animated square which is the sensor location where you hold the fob there are four little dashes - Maybe it’s as jsimple as that...a 4 digit code.

But what I’m lacking now is the syntax or format and how to say it back... just transmitting the numbers doesn’t work... it could something like uid=1234 or UID=“1234” where capitalization or quotes, or the need to be translated into hex could make all the difference in the world.

Thats all I got for now hah - look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on this stuff thank you - Holly

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philsocal wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:53 am
I found this
but they don't ship to the US. I sent them a message to see if they can.

They replied back to my email and it's a no go for u.s. shipments.
To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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By htidwell1970
I just had a thought worth sharing while standing in my kitchen eating microwaved stir fry from a plastic bag. In a recent post I made a comment about the tracker device and how it seemed like a strange candidate for carrying the trigger Signal from the mothership to turn the whole thing on.... These devices ( even that same model number ) have been in service in public use for quite some time and transmission functionality (Since it’s physically unconnected from the rest of the system) that authorizes and turns the scooter on seems unlikely or overbuild.

And then I remember someone mentioning how an exec from wheels said there was a secondary GPS tracker in the downtube this device if wired would make a lot of sense for being the artery that carries the signal to authorize and deauthorize -If present it should contain an additional sim. Another ideal location for this device would be in the battery casing since that’s a high theft item and since the batteries are the things that move back-and-forth not the scooters it would make inventory an asset tracking of the most expensive part of the bike a lot easier. I don’t have a scooter to open up but if anyone does I would encourage them to look in all the empty cavities of the body , under or connected to the dash and in particular to look inside the battery casing ( some disassembly required ) and around the BMS board for a sim card.

There seem to be a lot of contacts coming out of the battery I don’t know I might just be paranoid but I think it’s worth a look. If anyone finds out anything interesting please let us know. thank you - Holly

By htidwell1970

I just came across this at half the price + pedal option pretty sweet: ... 10822.html

If the I-WALK doesn’t work out for you there’s a lot of cool options on this site maybe you can find something for a better price or that’s better suited for your needs. Holly DTLA
philsocal wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:53 am
I found this
but they don't ship to the US. I sent them a message to see if they can.

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