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By Curr
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Recently traded in the ES4 and got myself an Inokim Ox.

When i went to pick it up only then was i told that "i will need to bring it in every 3 months for a service. The service will cost $120. Failing to bring it in will void your warranty"

And i'm thinking hah. Ok what's there to service?

1) Disk Brake. Subject to how much it's used till it needs replacing. General maintenance (if it's not aligned properly) would be seen too immediately as it would directly impair use of the device if not functioning properly.

2) Tires & tubes. You never know if /when you'll get a puncture / flat. Again you'd get this seen to immediately as it would directly impair the use of the device if not functioning properly.

3) Battery. Any failure of this before the 1 year mark would mean it's faulty. After that cells can degrade and die slowly taking away performance from the device. Ideally you'd be looking at replacing the whole battery after 3+ years.

But outside of the above.... what is there to maintain?

I have contacted Inokim head office about this and am waiting on a reply.

Thought i'd post this here as i'd love to hear your input on it.

p.s - i know they cant invalidate my warranty as they say as i have been f'd over enough by companies to have a decent knowledge of australian consumer law. Part of my contact with Inokim was letting them know they're in breach of ACL by saying they can void our warranty - and that the warranty only lasts 1 year - legally they have to change that to abide by law. IT's just the whole trying to scam people for maintenance thing that im hella pissed about.

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