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Making money in the scooter game.
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By Edmund
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Here are the steps I take to increase the likely hood of capturing a Bird before heading to pick it up. Following these has greatly increased my Bird capture rate and resulted in more money in my pocket with less time spent.

(1) Last Location
From my experience Birds will ping there location at least every hour and often more. Any Bird over an hour since the last location should be avoided.

(2) Alarm
When the alarm is working it'll send a new GPS signal to the app and start the last location time over. Sound the alarm and check if the Bird has changed locations. This could be a sign of someone driving around with uncaptured Birds in their vehicle. Pay extra close attention when a group of Birds are together.

(3) Navigate to Bird
Pull up Google maps on satellite view. Zoom in on the Bird's location to see if it's reachable. Keep an eye out for gated apartment complexes and locations that are on top of a homes or deep in private property.

(4) Google Street View
Take a look at street view to learn more about the area you are heading. This will give you insight into large elevation changes, gates, and other obstacles that could prevent you from picking up a Bird.

That's it! The tricky part is being disciplined to follow these every time.
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By Spree1985
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From my Exprince the google map satelite view is the best tip. You can scout the area to see if you need to get out of your vehicle or stay in the car.


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