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By Spree1985
Finally found that Red Bird? Post a pic & share the story that goes along with it.


I found this one today in an alley in a residential neighbourhood in a city were birds are not even legal or belong. Dogs barking in everything. I was in a drainage area in the alley, between streets I had to walk 50 or so yards down to get to it.


This is my first Red Bird. Ive posted it before but Im still very proud of it.
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By Edmund
Came across this one 30 miles away from the closest nest. All the clues in the app gave me the confidence to pick it up on my way back into town. In the photo is where the Bird was sitting when I drove up and I felt someone was giving me a $20 present.

By RonaldVog
Awesome. I work with a guy who lives in SD. Hes in town for the week and we were talking about the pheasant hunting there just this morning. Ive got to look into a trip up there sometime soon. Do you have a dog for your bird hunting? And how do you like that Benelli?

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