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By Ziga
Hello guys,

My company bought few of ES-400C that dont have IoT on them only green 5pin connector hanging from the place where IoT was. Is it possible to make it work without this? Thanks in advance
By Zalcry
Ok. Why in GODS NAME do you not simply CHANGE THE BMS?

You can even use the old solder points. Just dont cut all 13 cords at once. But god damn that's a lot of work for just to save 20 bucks guys.
By Smookeyes
Kalamito18 wrote:
Wed May 04, 2022 6:44 pm
Y finished my scooter thanks everyone. If you need help for the okai ES400c contacts me on this subject.
Salut kalamito je suis un compatriotes qui a besoin d'aide.
Un snap? Ou autre moyen de te contacter ?

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