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Hello basti256 es mr spring1 could you contact me via my email address I also have a fleet of 250 bird zero vehicle bird one bird two buy legally I am a former bird supplier I am trying to restart them the arduino technique only works for 2min on the b0 I would like to know how to recover unlocking lock codes I have piece bird es dun iot gps zk102map in factory condition not locked so works well without sim card over any distance I also have es100 controllers not locked we can work together I would like recover the codes of the zk102map to reprogram the other iot zk102map in the stm32f411 because I know that reading is locked I managed to erase the original stm32f411 from an iot locked I just have to swap the iot program that works my I prefer help because these the only unlocked iot that I don't want to damage

here is my address if someone these commands recover the signals are help with the connection
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