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By Latif11
Hello, i sawa thread ( ... 69&t=29969).
My question is now, how to make them personal? I have one got legally and now want them make personal, but the thread didnt helped me, i didnt undertsand anything becuase they talked about 2 Scooter models and about "y"?!.
I am talking about the E-Scooter with the Swappable Battery!
Also, can someone help me?
What will i need?
Can i get a Step by Step Tutorila?
I have a little bit knowolodge, but idk here.
By Nissan
if you don't even know how to tell the difference between the scooter models it won't be useless to explain anything to you...
And I'd be surprised if you managed to have this scooter legally...
it's clearly the most rotten excuse I could read here 😤
So the best advice I could give you...
Is to redeposit what you stole in the street and go buy yourself a real scooter at the store....
It will save you time and money 😂😅🤣

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