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IS anyone could help me to turn a bird electisan with using original contrôler ?

Or if i need a contrôler which Model because thé one i bought does not work
(36/48v 350w 15a)

There were a 36/48v 350w limited current 15a dont Know the différence and i bought thé normal 15a

Thank you

If someone have done a flash and using thé normal contrôler i would love to get thé guide (i could pay)

Pm if interested
Hi guys, i made it. I modified the arduino code with some stuff, so added a button that you can change the modes (aka the hex codes sended) of the scooter.
In my case you dont need a step down because i use de gps like step down, the only you need its an Arduino, in mi case Arduino nano.
Next week i will post the wiring and the code so will be easy for everyone.

The code works on Bird Zero with controller ES100, should work on ES200 too with some code changes i think.
Thanks to everybody in the forum!
Hi! I am from Germany and I have a myTier ES200D-B2C. Unfortunately, I forgot the password, very stupid - I know. I am the owner of the scooter and Tier is not willing to help, they say that they can not reset the password, that is so frustating. I bought it directly from Tier for a lot of money and now I have piece of junk :evil:

Any chance to get it working again?
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