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By Jnsystems
Need some parts to fix your scoots to keep your fleet going?
To keep everything more simpler:
Lime Gen 4 (Bell, Green Box)
Line Gen 3/3.5 (Inquire for more details)
Bird Gen 3 (Throttle, Cover, Cable Lock Holder, inverted XT60 connector battery)
Orange Tier Mobility Model SNSC 2.3 (Not sold because scooter design is unsafe to ride.)
*If not listed, contact through DM for another part, it may be considered special request.
Updated | 01/24/2023 09:45 PM PST
Before considering your offer, please note the following:
Need to have scootertalk account (or reputable enough to be recognized by us).
Contact through DM for transaction. You can do so by clicking on Your profile -> Control Panel -> Private MSG -> Human Icon (Find A Member) and entering the correct details there. You can also use the alternative contact method below, but (see considerations) and we verify the (conditions).
No Returns/Refunds. All sales final. Everything at seller discretion.
Shipping to USA Addresses, no AFO, or international.

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