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By Wildlands1
Hi. I have a new Emove cruiser with only 39 miles on it. I was riding along a smooth dirt road when I hear/feel a thump thump coming from the rear wheel/motor and it became very difficult to roll. Soon it wouldnt roll at all and the power wouldnt turn the wheel. I could barely rotate the wheel by hand. later i looked inside the motor. all is clean and dry and no dirt/dust. the magnets things all look fine and wires look connected. it was fully charged also. but now it won't go at all. WHY? also why dont they put a plug in disconnect at the axel for the power cord? HELP
By Reactor89
So I've an EMOVE Touring with a similar issue and took the time to pull apart the motor.
The stator looks like a mess and this motor no longer has any torque. Put any weight on it and the motor stalls and goes nowhere.

My current question is, Does the stator fail like this due to over stress, poor workmanship, or both.

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