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By The_Vaasty
Hi guys!
I've got my hands on a few scooter motors and I'm looking for some parameters, mainly voltage and power, so I know which controller to buy. These motors are most likely from a Lime scooter, that one with a green box. I have searched online, but haven't found any useful information. Motors themselves have no useful markings, that could be used to identify them. I have added a few pictures of the motors. If any of you has any information about these motors, your help will be greatly appreciated.
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By 365GUY
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From the limited info printed on the motor I would say it’s safe to say it’s a 36 volt / probably 350 watt motor.
That honestly doesn’t mean squat though. The voltage part mostly... I’m sure you could run this motor at 48,52or even 60 if you want. As far as watts I wouldn’t go any higher than 1000. Probably 500 is a good safe number. A 36v 350 watt controller isn’t going to push this motor very fast. If you want speed go with at least a 48v 500 or 1000 watt controller and a battery pack that can match the amp draw.

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