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Ok. So Ive got a Bolt Scooter (48 volt/35- watt) motor hooked up to a M365 controller on my test bench. The controller is flashed to CFWW, russian throttle alg. no kers, spped limit removed and flashed to operate on 60 volts. I have a 52 volt battery powering the controller.

Im figuring out the phase wires and it runs with two different configurations. In one configuration the motor works smoothly but only spins between 210-220 rpm even at full throttle. BORING. In the other configuration it actually accelerates but it ends up spinning so fucking fast it flings the tire off of the rim. It is out of fucking control fast. So much so I am certain it will lead to me eating asphault if I try to ride the scooter like that.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Im going to try to figure it out but just curious if anyone out there can give your big homie LASkooter an easy answer??! I think I deserve it.

So if any of yall know your shit hollar at a real one and lemme know. Thank you. Hope everyone out there is doing well on this lovely Sunday evening.

Its happening because you have it flashed to run at about 54V bevause thats a 48V firmware and motor you are getting exactly what you want. It wont spin that fast when yer weight is on it. But you will cook the control board within 3 charging cycles if you dont baby it. I suggest you order a 500w controller and ditch the dash and the M265 controller when that happens. Or you coukd go with a more conservative firmware

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