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By Batou
I have controller and dashboard from Ninebot 4 and battery pack from Lime 2.5
If I connect this battery by two thick wires only (RED+BLK) to controller, at dashboard I have ERR21 comunicate - ("battery wrong")
My battery package have oryginal balancer, but haven't two thin wires for comunicate with controller.

So i have a question: It is any way to bypass this "smart option" that checking battery, and just connect battery pack by thick red and black wires only? Maybe by emulate any signal? Give here 5V, V-bat, circut, or put resistance between this two thin wires?

Yes, i know, the easiest way is to buy BMS for N4, but Lime can work without this "smart communication"...
How do it - please help or write what i need check!

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