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You are right. I just tried it and could observe the following:

1. Voltmeter attached to red and black
2. Did the wiring as described by Y0SH1zzzx
3. Voltmeter show ~47V for 2 seconds
4. Voltage is dropping to ~31V for one second.
5. Steps 3 and 4 repeating over and over again (Voltage rises and drops again).

Why do I observe this behavior? Because there is no load attached?

How do I charge the battery? Do I keep your wiring (Y0SH1zzzx) and simply attach my charger to the red and black cable?
Sadly I no longer have the batteries so I can't check my wiring, altough it does sound like what happened to me when I wired it wrong. Doesn't hurt wiring it wrong tho also overload protection still works btw. I should've posted a photo but now the phone with the photo is broken. You should get a stable voltage when it's wired correctly and as long as there aren't shorts with plus and minus there is nothing to worry about playing around with it. Sorry wish I still had the battery to help

And yes when it's a stable voltage you can just charge it like normal

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