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By rambo473
Cologne wrote:
Thu Apr 06, 2023 12:41 am
I just got 10 new ones of these batteries. Having almost 7kwh of battery got me thinking of stealing someone elses idea and rebuilt them to a DIY Powerwall without opening them up.

First of all I want to get the statistics from the bms to my esp32. In order to do that I could try forever with CAN-Bus or I just sniff the SPI connection between the Board and the Display.


I can't really find anything about a "TMI1621" chip. but there is a TM1621 and other TM16xx similar chips on the market where you even find arduino libraries for. The ones I found to send signals but its more or less nonsense.

First I want to find a way to control the display from the ESP32 to just learn how it works. And it's quite easy by just sending raw bits turning on and off each line or symbol:

Now I will have to figure out how the Touch Sensor communicates with the board and controlling the LED with doesn't seem to difficult :)

Might be a bit late, but TMI1621 is a LCD driver for the battery display as far as I know. One strange thing I found is that when holding the battery display button for a couple seconds, it will show ”0%E”. Does anyone know what that means?

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