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Newbie, here - just want to check about batteries not recharging after scooter 5 months in storage. From all the research I have done it appears that they are not rechargeable and are not covered by warranty.

So I need some new batteries, does it matter if they are not the same brand?
Where is the closest place in Portugal that I can buy these?

I have the same issue with a couple Bird M365 that I bought from Seibert's auction in Richmond. Two of them are so drained that the charger will not recognize them and start the charging process. Is there some way to get a small charge into them so that the charger will then take over?
Reviving this thread, as this seems to be a common issue.

I have a Bird Air VA 0020 that is has sat for about 6months. It is no longer charging, when plugged in it shows a green light on the charger.

I saw folks on M365 having a reset button. I wonder if it is the same in Bird Air. Anyone with experience?

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