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I got a Xiaomi Scooter Pro 2 with standard 37/42V battery pack that i want to boost for better performance.
I got a couple of 12V 20A BMS cards made for 3 18650 cells per BMS, tho I've heard you can use more cells as long as you stay at 12V

Now to my question: Can I somehow install extra cells this way to boost the Voltage/Current of my Xiaomi Scooter?
If it can work, how should I install them? In series to the original battery or what?
Performance (top speed, hill climbing) and range (how far the scooter will go on a charge) depend on the batteries and how they are hooked up. As an example. my Challengr X has a 48 volt battery pack consisting of four 12V/12 amp/hour batteries. Obviously wired in series (hence the 48 volts for the pack. If I want more range, I could replace my current batteries with 12V/20 amp/hour batteries, givlng 66% more range. Or I could switch to lithium ion batteries, which give more usable power, but at a higher cost and which require a different charger. Hope this helps.

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