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By Ludde
Hi y’all,

First post here.
I’m new to all this with scooters and battery’s so excuse my lack of knowledge.

I bought a used 48v16Ah battery pack for a scooter project that I been wanting to try out. Tried to find some information about the battery pack online but it’s hard to find (or I suck at google). When I measure the battery voltage I just read 3 volt. From reading on this forum I learned that the controller in this battery turns off the power when it’s not getting a signal to stay on fro CANbus or similar.

Dose anyone here have knowledge of this battery pack? (Found similar battery’s on this forum)
Does anyone know where to buy a matching contact for the outlet?
What pins am I supposed to send a signal to? I guess I need to use a arduino nano or similar.
And how do I charge it. Will I be able to hook a Lithium ion charger to the positive and negative terminals and then it will charge whiteout any "charge" signal?

Thanks in advance!
By Ludde
So I found this image online and managed to get 48v out of the battery. But the battery is cutting power when I try to pull some current from it. I’m working on making a 3d printed plug. Just need to find some pins that will fit. Still no success with the CAN protocol tho.


Did you use the 25km/h Firmware ? Obviosly not..

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