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By TJSplash
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So I'm working at making a larger battery pack comprised of 18650 batteries for a 52v overvolt. I'm still not sure if I'm going to chance soldering the connections or going with a spot welder, but we'll see. I have two questions that I need answered; I have these 4.1v cells and wanted to know how many in series I would need? I am coming up with an unround number, and just need advice on what to do.

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By LAskooter213
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Well, you aint gonna get 52 volts exactly. Not with 18650's. But you can get 54-55 volts. Why you stuck on 52?
Spot welder is the way to go. I have one if you ever find yourself in LA, Im happy to let you use it. Otherwise, you can buy a decent one on Amazon or Ebay or like $175.00.
You can also just take a typical m365 pack or similar and solder long wires to it and then make a separate 3s3p pack and connect it in series. Thats what I usually do and it works great. You can charge them separately...the m365 pack with the regular bird charger and the 3s3p pack with a 12 volt car charger and then hook em back together when youre done. That way you wont need to buy a separate charger (provided you own a car battery charger). Another advantage is that you can put the add on pack in a remote location giving you more design/space options. Ive been doing this with my scooter builds. It works very well.
And lastly, I have a 54 volt battery pack off of an old e-bike. Ready to go. PM me if you want it.
Take care homes.
Oh, Hows that ice chest scooter project going anyways? Im working on one a lot like it. Totally stole your idea, but it was just too cool to pass up. An ice chest you can RIDE? Love it.

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By TJSplash
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I am still waiting on getting more powerful motors for the ice chest scooter. I honestly have moved on to a new bigger and better project that I'm sure you will be up to the challenge for. I just picked up this old 70s motorcycle frame ( I was told that it was a Honda, not really too sure about that, but it was $15 so what can I say. Thanks offer up!) I am going to be creating an electric motorcycle. I'm not sure if I should even be on this forum anymore but I will be starting a separate topic and the hot rods section to keep you all updated. I need to clean up the frame as there is a little bit of rust, but nothing I am worried about. I still need to go about identifying the frame to figure out what I'm working with. It might be an old Honda Mt 125r.
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By 365GUY
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Hay guys, hope everyone has been doing well and continues to build cool shit. I have been down a few rabbit holes lately and haven’t had much time to mess with my scooter projects.
I just completely revamped my scooter building area and brought in into my dining room ( fuck it I’m officially divorced now so I do what I want)
It’s a sick setup with stainless steel work stations, industrial soldering station and bins and racks up the ass. I bought out a tech company that went bust and got a ton of high end industrial stuff. This company fleeced investors of 135 million dollars over 5 years and all the engineers did was buy shit .. expensive shit. I have hundreds of feet of t-slot aluminum extrusion in 3 different sizes that came from McMaster Carr.. if you know the company than you probably know that is the last place you want to buy t-slot material from. It was probably 50$ a foot and I bought it for pennies.

Anyway to my dam question..

How can I take a 60 v battery and connect it to a 365 controller if the battery has no bms communication wires to plug into the controller 3 wire slot ?

FYI Wheels bikes just arrived in my hood last month. So that’s cool. And ninebot max by spin is everywhere. The ninebot Max is a solid scooter.

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By 365GUY
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Tj.. are scooters not getting you high anymore, your going to build an electric Harley?

You going to need some serious power and major voltage to get that monster moving. Have you decided on what motor and battery system you are going with? Keep us updated on this one if your moving forward on it. A ground up electric motorcycle build is a epic project to take on, but with enough balls and cash anything is possible.
Badass dude ..

By Mfairgate
I want to make a large capacity electric generator/power bank. I have a 12v 1100w inverter and 5 or 6 M365 battery packs . I’ve been reading too much on this and I am at the point of almost being brain dead. Can someone tell me what I need to do? At this point, speak to me like I’m 8 years old.
Any and all help would be appreciated!!

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