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By RigItAll
Hi I recently converted a Bird Zero to a personal scooter using a generic controller and display after running into a dead end using the factory controller etc. with an esp32/ or arduino Nano as there was no one that could provide further assistance, than what’s been written years back on this forum/ a few other places.

I am running into more road blocks though…
I used a brainpower 350w controller kit from Amazon that was supposed to come with an LH or TF-100 display/ throttle.
What I got though was a controller that does not seem to be the Brainpower controller that I have seen pictures/ videos/ and posts of online, and doesn’t even look like what the seller pictured as the controller offered.
I got that end figured out though.

The display/ throttle looks identical to an LH/TF-100
But is labeled ZP-883. I know there are a handful of other model numbers but I can’t find this one specifically.
It has very limited P-Settings, most of the ones that let you adjust anything important are plain old not there…
I went to adjust the P-Settings to try and remedy a problem I’m having. ( the scooter runs fine in gears 1&2 but in gear 3 I get nothing unless I physically lift the front wheel and only then if I stay under half throttle will 3rd gear spin the wheel…)
I thought maybe this was due to one of the power limiting p-setting but because they aren’t available I can’t even try this as a solution.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be caused by?
I wondered if it could be a bad connection on one of the hall sensor wires??? Everything else works fine but I know those wires were so tiny the crimp on pins for the connectors seemed questionable but as everything else worked when I plugged everything in I thought it was ok. Unless maybe having just 1-2 bad connections could cause this….
This is my first electric vehicle project and I’m not %100 sure about much on this thing… I’ve always hate wiring in the cars and trucks I work on but can do it, never dealt with crimp connections on such small wire before so it’s possible there is some that didn’t get crimped as good as I’d like.

Also there is a usb port on these things I read is for updates not for charging or powering things via this port…. Does anyone know if there is update software that is available??? If so will it open up/ give me the missing P/Settings???

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