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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
By Mattias93
I got my hands on one of those FLASH/CIRC company's scooter. You will need to replace control board, engine controller and accelerator, as no custom firmware or free board exists at the moment. That's not too bad as the assembly is not done well, during disassembly I've found many cut cables and an abuse of hot glue and tape. You will also want to remove the stupid LEDs on the bottom, too much Need for Speed Underground 2 for my taste. There's only one GPS module and GSM module, they are in the control board under the plastic hood, which also contains the antennas. I tried to power everything up skipping the control board but it was a no-go. I've seen that battery, control board and engine board communicate trough a RS-485 line, which receives his 3,3V from a conversion on the control board. There's an ACC cable going from Control Board to Engine Board but I don't understand what it means, I just now is shorted with the positive pole of the 36V battery. The accelerator is connected directly to the engine board, so the control board must give some sort of signal to the engine board to enable the scooter, through the RS-485 line, but I got absolutely no clue on what, how to intercept it or simulate it. Any though is welcome.

I would like to know what do you suggest as replacement engine module. The wheel with the engine has the classic 3 wires and the hall 5 wires.
Hi Mattias,

can you post some picture of the original hardware, as well as any serial or codes from those components? With that it weould be possible to determine what type of parts they are, and eventually what type of comm goes through the rs-485 lines

By Benichka
Looking inside the battery enclosure, there is a third wire/connector soldered to the BMS (assuming that one goes to the charging port and the second one goes to power out the DC Controler) - this connector should be "clever", speaking (line signal) with other components for security (power off) purposes.

As the rear wheel (motor) seems standard I think replacing the BMS (6 cells groups), the DC controler and the Throttle by a standard ones should be the solution.

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks everybody for the answers. I didn't reply sooner as I haven't got any notification in my email about the answers.
Measuring the battery poles, voltage is provided, I'm not sure whether the RS485 line is used to lock the A of the battery or just to tell the controller to reduce power in case of overheating. Battery charges. Anyway, I'm trying to replace everything with a custom controller from aliexpress, I've cable it yesterday but I got nothing out of it, my guess is that throttle/power have not been cabled properly (the new controller weirdly has 2 red power cables and one black, I didn't know what to do with the thinner red one so I left it disconnected).
I've successfully installed this controller.
I've connected:
- Battery to controller (please note that the thinner red cable on the power line is the ignition on. I've bridged with the other red cable that goes to the battery, it won't work otherwise);
- PHASE cables;
- Haul cables;
- Original throttle 3 cables.

- The battery has his own plug to be recharged;
- I don't have a display so I can't say what was the maximum speed, but I would say I was afraid to fall;
- I've applied thermal paste inside this controller and bridged the regenerative bridge hole to GND (but it probably doesn't work anyway);
- To make a better job I've cut all the cables from the original controller and soldered to the new one, so it's plug-n-play;
- You will need to spend some time with a tester to understand how to connect the throttle, as the cable that bridges it from the top to the ground has weird color code, as it transports also the brake cable (which I haven't connected anyway). From the throttle to this cable the color code is correct anyway, so you don't need to discover the functions of them.
- The controller doesn't fit inside the original hole, I will try something later.
- No lights wired yet, as I recall the power conversion happened on the mainboard, later on I will try to see whether I can grab some 3,3 (headlight), 5 or 12V in the BMS.
By Bug_meh
great job getting it to work!
did you manage to fix the controller inside already? and as i understand you dont have regen-brake yet, right?
and do you maybe have a suggestion of a better fitting controller? although the price on your current one is quite good.
Apparently there are more than 1 versions of the brand. Because ive got one model snsc1.0 wich isnt the same setup as described by poststarter. Accelerator is not directly connected to the engineboard but through the dash/controller board. Wich has the gps and sim card integraded.

Im still trying to get it working but im not yet sure about how the sim card activate the scooter but it seems theres only the dashboard that needs unlocking.

Also im wondering how the accelerator signal is send to the controller board, is it simply passed through(after being unlocked) or is the signal changed in its format/shape by the dashboard? It would make connecting the accelerator cablr directly to the controllerboard impossible.
By Bug_meh
This is the the tracking board I found on mine. It had antenna's for gps,gsm and wifi. also a simcard. The qr code I cencored because i'm not sure if it's unique. the other codes seem versions, dates and types.
The two big molex connectors were connected and the small one was unoccupied. could be some sort of serial i/o
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