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By J0ec00l
I really hope someone can give me a hand in getting this scooter working. I have been fighting it for 2 monnths on and off.
This is the lowdown.
I was given a Hover 1 Journey and Hover 1 Gambit by a friend. Bot h scooters non - working..
I am trying to get the Journey to run as it is much nicer than the gambit.
The display would not turn the scooter on so I disassembled the electronics from the scooter to test things.

The battery is out putting 40v and fully charged so it is good. 36v battery
I also tested the wheel motor and get proper resistance on the 3 power wires, and it spins good by hand so I am pretty sure the motor is ok.
I ordered a new display for the journey and of course when i get the display it is not the same as tthe one in the Journey
I ordered a new controller for the journey and of course it is not the same as the one in my journey.
now the display and controller even though not being an identical match to the ones in my journey were supposed to be for the journey. but non of the connectors are matching up so I some splicing and wiring going on to connect the display to controller. Nothing is labeld on either the display or controller but using my basic knoledge of elecrical and being very mechanically inclined i was able to get everything conected and when it turned on I thought it was going to work but after about 30 seconds on it goes to an E6 error code.
I am going to be posting photos of my wiring of the display and cotroller hopefully someone can see whats going on and if the error is due to a wiring connection that I did that is not correct.

I will be posting my wiring soon
Thank you,
By 68pishta
Joe, I'm with you! I was given an almost no mile Alpha that simply wont turn on with the power button. This board is BLUE and is probably the same as your Journeys board as the one I saw for sale for the Journey was blue and the Alpha board is supposed to be RED! I did see something about the Alpha being made by 2 different companies and you have to match the controller to the dash board (ad says compare boards to listed picture). I have taken the 'dash' out and confirmed the continuity of the 5 pins of the FEMALE connector (WTH? all I see are male) and have confirmed that the physical button is working with a meter, able to close the contacts when pushed. I have also traced the 38V battery up to the dash on the EN pin but I do not have 12V on the next pin. This is on the same 5 wire harness so Im assuming this 12V has to come from the controller itself? Is there a way to hotwire this dash or phjysically jump a wire in the controller to turn this on? Can I just ditch the entire controller and dash and go with a generic TF-100 thumb throttle and 500W controller?
By 68pishta
UPDATE>>> I have determined that the BMS on this battery is bad. As soon as the switched power is applied, the battery voltage off the BMS drops to 0-1V and slowly climbs back up to about 28V of its 37V measured off the last cell group lug. This BMS is a long PCB that goes the length of the 15 cell long (3S10P) battery that has terminal tabs at each 3 cell group instead of sense wires. I have one on order but for now just left the BMS off and am working on the raw ~38V of the battery to the generic controller. I made the mistake of buying a kit without the throttle nor hand brake because I already had them right? Wrong: this controller seems to only like a certain type of throttle so I went and bought one and Im still getting a R9 error. Per the supplier of the controller, R9 is throttle voltage. I measured 5V to the throttle and brake but 0V out on the center white or green wire (there are 2 possible harness' for the throttle, neither one worked. Perhaps I have a bad throttle? Perhaps the scooter is a kick start so I have to manually start the rotation for the motor to kick in? Dont know, kinda lost interest until the BMS comes in the mail.
By BigTim
I found out that the Hover 1 Journey and Alpha have 2 different dashboards/displays. They are not interchangeable and depending on where you got the scooter determines if it’s a 4 pin or a 5 pin connector. It is possible to find the 5 pin dashboard but not the 4 pin. I need the 4 pin myself and I can’t find anywhere to purchase it. I’ve been looking for about 2 months like every other day. Checking the internet and second hand stores. Asking everyone I come in contact with. I’ve even gone and translated Chinese web sites try to find it. I’m about done looking so I’m gonna try to figure out another way to get this scooter to work. Change out the controller or something. I’m pretty handy but I don’t know too much about electric bikes and scooters. So I figure I’ll try these forums to find out some info.

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