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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
By m365b
365GUY wrote:
Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:31 am
So your building a dual motor M365 and your trying to figure out how to stop ?
The way I have built my dual motor was to use the electric brakes with no mechanical brake at all.
It stopped just fine.
Yes, figuring how to stop with the second motor. So did you use a similar chinese 1000w controller for the second motor of your dual motor m365? To summarize, I was wondering how strong the electric braking is with the chinese 1000w controller vs the m365 controller. If these controllers from Amazon have effective electric braking, then I believe I should be all set.

By m365b
365GUY wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:24 pm
I have a rear disk break . Considering trying out a Flipsky Vesc and that will allow regen braking on both front and rear wheels. I can also run a front disk brake but need to fab a bracket for the caliper and there isn’t much room for a brake lever near the throttle.
The rear brake should be plenty though.

I have been modifying the frame more and will post some pictures once I get it finished for anyone interested.

It’s been challenging trying to find space for 2 large controllers as well as 2 batteries plus a junction box for switches and usb.

Unfortunately the frame is metal and heavy, with two motors and multiple batteries this thing is not light. I’m hoping I can still get around 30 mph even though it’s probably around 85lbs.
Not sure if you've seen this video, but it reminded me of your custom build:

Maybe you can use something similar to store your two controllers and batteries.

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By 365GUY
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The ebike controllers don’t have any regain braking, the brake connectors on the controllers only cut power to the motor when the brake lever is pulled. It’s not going to provide any braking power at all. So don’t build your scooter planning on the controller to stop you, won’t work.
The only cheap way to build a dual is use two 365 controllers and ditch the Chinese controller. Or just have one motor for braking and see if it’s strong enough to stop you. If you set the brake to strong it would probably be enough to slow you down.

By bnu
I bought a kit from aliexpress 1000w 48v with a finger pull display I tested it B4 setting it ran now I get ( ! ) Does anyone know wat that means

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