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Hey all, would anyone happen to know if it could be possible to repurpose an old smartphone to perform dashboard functions for e-scooters?
I have nowhere near the the technical experience to prove or disprove myself, but thought it could be viable since there is a lot of tech crammed into even older smartphones and we have apps that basically mirror the information OEM dashes and controllers provide.

I figure it would help somewhat in lowering ewaste, give us a nice touchscreen interface with our scoots, and provide us with a new project to tinker with. Would be cool if it could be done somehow and was hoping someone with intimate technical knowledge could voice a opinion on the matter. Thanks!

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I'm actually surprised this hasn't recieved any bites yet. It's undoubtedly possible by all means but obviously requires some upper tech knowledge to write a app for what ever Operating System and associated software as well as driver's ect. About the closest thing I've seen was the big stupid yellow Bolt scooters. They dam near just had a bolted (not so bolted) down touch screen phone for there dashboard that ran off of Android. Hopefully someone can get ahold of someone with the brains to get us all started on such a build. Come on scooter people!
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Well there are several apps that function as really good 3rd party dashboards, what you can do is split the battery power from the scooter. Then attach a board that converts the 36V to 3.5V USB and plug your phone in so it will stay powered at all times. Then attach the phone to the scooter really well, and connect it to the scooters Bluetooth. It's a basic solution, but it should work. But don't be surprised if the phone gets stolen unless you mount it well...

This would be possible with an open source software.
I was planning on doing the exact same thing + I would use the camerasas a "dashcams" for my scooter and flashlight for extra light.
If I find a way to flash the bird one 590 I will add this feature with a tutorial.

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