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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
By BrnChknBrnCow
Does anyone know how to get one of these to work? I purchased a new 48v 1000w Speed controller, can someone please tell me how to install it or if I'm just wasting my time. PLEASE HELP!
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Yes, I know exactly how to get them running. Text me anytime.310-895-6173. Im dam good with anything e scooter or bike. I would be very surprised if anyone other than the manufacturer knew more than me. I would like to help if needed

By Kiki626
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imho he doesnt want to help you get yours working, he wants to CHARGE you so he can get yours running.
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By hawkinsjonathan7087
It's yes simply but definitely not so simple just a motor but it's a lot more than some sort of wire configuration.. That was nearly my first approach when bird landed there first fleet of motors on the streets. I quickly found I that they are all brushless hub motors (should be far Late news by todays date) I know. But yeah I understand your chat about it's just a motor but dam these 3phase bldc hub motors are a all new game. Wires is the last issue, no bldc esc no go. You can hook power up to the three phase wires any combination you like, you can also zap the heck out of the five hall sensor wires ( I did as quick as I could ) and I actually had luck with the motor rotating but only to it's 2.7 sec death

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