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By bilzbub
f**k I'm about to give up.

There was a sense of adventure to putting these things together
A poor robin hood type with an excuse hes sticking it to the man by capturing and liberating mobility devices . Using hacker instinct to obtain a new wAy of flying around the city..started by making daily cash charging birds.. gof my first taste.. was making amazing cash and getting my first really taste of scooters hunting the San Diego streets in the wee hours of the night. sh*t got crazy after a while and life seemed boring and bleak not having a scooter around.

Eventually you start meeting people in the community and start picking up rumors 0f scooter conversions..

Eventually, months of trial and error later I'm able to do this process myself. But things keep going wrong. One thing after another. And this far down the road on the best configuration I've had so far, the scoot just stops working in the middle of a crowded street. I have no idea what it is. I'm so tired of th he constant troubleshooting..

Im not paying 700 bucks for one, I'm poor. Might as well admit defeat.
This one, yea.. but it's been ES2/4, M365.. this is m yet 3rd max config. First was 365guys, 2nd flashed bms lyft conversion, this last one is a friends config with a chinese controller and 2 wheels batteries, which once I was put on tge streets again with the wind in my hair I wad reminded of why I bother in the first place.... nursery gotta go buy a new controller now, lol, and keep truckin
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