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By DarylDixon
I tried to search around this sub but it didn't look like there was anything recent and we all know how much reddits search function sucks 🙄

My fiance and I will be going to Thailand for our honeymoon in December and we're thinking 5-6 days in Bangkok. It's really tough for me to figure out where to stay.

We aren't very into nightlife. Our main goals while traveling are to see all the touristy spots like temples, statues, etc, and eat local food.

We aren't super budget travelers but aren't looking to spend a lot either. Preferably under $100 USD/night but we are a bit negotiable on that.

We are looking for a more "luxery" feel, but location is the number one most important to us, so we would give that up if our budget doesn't allow it.

We also don't mind walking a lot and actually really enjoy it but would still like to be located centrally (around good local restaurants particularly)

Given all this, do you have any recommendations for neighborhoods I should search in or particular hotels? Thanks!!!
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