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Making money in the scooter game.
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By guisar
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Received an interesting email from Bird today. They are launching a an hourly program for mechanics. Fixing Birds is currently a hobby for me but signed up anyways.

Here's the email.
We want our current Mechanics to have a prominent voice in how the Mechanic program improves and evolves as Bird grows. To do that, we’re piloting a new hourly program for Mechanics, and you’re invited to be one of the first to participate.

Here's what you can expect:
A Steady Income
Mechanics that join the pilot program will have a 40 hour work week and an hourly income — instead of being paid by each task. You’ll also receive additional compensation to help cover things like gas and phone usage.

Make a Difference
Joining the pilot program will give you the opportunity to work closely with Bird as we test out the program. Your comments, concerns, feedback, and ideas will directly shape the way the program evolves.

Professional Growth
As an hourly Mechanic in the pilot program, you’ll be able to participate in unique tasks, special projects, mentorship programs, and more comprehensive training.

There’s limited space in the hourly pilot program, so sign up today for the opportunity to join!
Not all who sign up will be accepted. Approved sign ups to the pilot program will have to complete a training program and will be subject to a background check.

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By druinthor
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Interesting, sounds like you'd be a Bird employee if you get picked. I wonder if this includes insurance? No way the hourly pay will be more than working on and off during peak times.

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By Rocksta87
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Bird must be having problems getting mechanics who want to work more than a few hours a day. I see broken Birds all over the place. There are plenty available to fix.

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