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Making money in the scooter game.

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By sofa.king.fresh
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In Bird's training they claim anywhere from 10 cents to 25 cents per charged Bird.
Here in MD, our energy per kWh rates are a bit lower than California so I would hope we're not above 25 cents each.

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By guisar
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A bird cost around $0.144 cents to charge. The cost of $0.12 per hour is the average US cost of electricity. Turns out 5 of my 6 chargers are in Chinese! I had never noticed this until I started looking into this. Luckily one was in english.

120 Volts x 2.0 Amps = 240 watts or 0.24 kwh

0.24 kwh x $0.12 per kwh x 5 hrs = $0.144

Cost to charge a Bird from 0% = $0.144
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