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By NomadMech
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Best thing Ninebot never made. IMHO tens are too much for that wheelbase. I suppose if you extend could make up for it but I like to keep stock wheelbase so plastics fit with minimal trimming and most who know a lil about scooters will be standing there scratching their head when you scream by because it "kinda looked like an es but had bigger wheels and didn't sound like it was going to rattle apart, but never seen an es that didn't. Might be a 365, but it was going way to fast to be a 365 plus that guy effortlessly hopped up that curb at top speed.. heavy wet noodle 365 ain't gonna let you do that" haha. Sorry, fans of each but both models are deeply flawed and can't stand to ride either in stock form anymore. Truth. Build yourself one... You'll see!
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alright, thanks :)

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