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So I built my dual motor scooter last night, it has 2 ninebot motors, 2 separate batteries and control boards. I was able to to run the two dashboards in “parallel” only using one throttle and one regen brake, but having 2 dashboards. With 10 minute of riding I would brick a control board.

I have bricked 3 controllers already and haven’t even put 5 miles on the scooter. I am running flashed firmware on 1.3.3 and have a motor constant power at 41,000. Any idea what it could be?

Both motors are ninebot/segway it looks like, yeah? But youre using m365 controllers or no?
How did you wire it? Im not sure what you have going but Im going to assume its m365 controllers with segway motors and batteries. Sorry if you posted this info before. I just aint never seen it.
Alright. Heres your potential issues/fixes whatever. Some ideas for you to explore at least.....Ive blown up a lot of shit learning this so I hope this will save you some grief.

Turn off KERS completely. The regenerative voltage your motors produce when slowing down can spike and fuck your shit all up. Set it to like 70 in the firmware generator. Youll never go that fast so it will essentially be off. The firmware generator says to set it to 40...but trust me, the scooter can go that speed if you want it to so just set it high and forget about it. Also if you havent already, get the m365 tools app and check the KERS brake setting. Its adjustable. Set it to low. That app has a bunch of other useful info too. Everyone should use that app on a custom build.

Also dont run base firmware 13.3. Use 13.8.
13.3 has some issues and it may be affecting your controllers.

Next, run your dashboards separately for right now. Use two throttles and you can get by with one brake if its a hassle to fit two on your handle bar. Or just try to use the ninebot brake switches.. Each controller will need to see the brake input or it will throw a code and not let you move forward. The ninebot switches might install upside down on an m365 handlebar but fuck it for right now. I can tell you how to make a way better braking system later on anyways.

Also dont be a puss and run a measly 41000 power constant. Give that motherfuckin thing some wattage man. It wont hurt it. It may actually help. You have 300 watt motors on there now bro. You obviously want the power. So flash the shit accordingly. Get those fuckers spinnin, Set your firmware (13.8) to the cfw-w setting. You got enough batteries! And Im tellin you, Ive been using that setting and it doesnt hurt shit. It is very fast, smooth and reliable. I suggest setting the voltage level in the firmware a little higher too. Maybe to 48 volts. With all your extra battery power voltage spikes happen and computers freak out if they aren't ready for them. If none of this works, well hell, its sunday morning. Take your scooter to church and ask the lord to fix it. Or make a deal with the devil for all I care....just get that scooter running. It looks dope. I like how you did the batteries. You just gotta loose the tie straps. The overall idea is pretty sweet tho. Looks like a spaceship. Anyways

Lastly are you sure youre fucking up the controllers? Its not some bullshit from a BMS in your batteries thats shutting them down or something? ? The controller wont work even in a different scooter? Test that. Thats important to know. Also, with everything disconnected from the controller, use a paperclip to short out the two terminals that the batteyr would plug into. Just use a paperclip folded up like a U and touch both at once. It may spark, but dont trip. Youre just discharging the capacitor to do a hard reboot on the board. It may help.
Its just weird to me that the controllers would be failing. Ive never had that unless I was running 60+ volts or doing other stupid ass shit. And when I dunk controllers I usually see black carbon tracks around the 3 motor phase wires and some burn marks on the board. Ive had mosfets overheat and swell up and I blew up 1 capacitor. Thats the only way Ive seen these fail. (other than water ingress)
If your wiring is good, and your motors are healthy than you really shouldnt have any problems. I know its a lot of work but you might want to teardown and redo some shit just to be safe. I have had to do that on my two biggest scooter projects. I got hasty with my wiring cuz I wabted to ride the motherfucker and it bit me in the ass. Had to redo the harness twice. And I do electrical work for a living! Those wires are tiny and hard to manage bro. I have a feeling that your problem lies in there.

Anyways just my 2 cents. But my 2 cents is worth like fifty bucks with the exchange rate of bullshit info on the internet.
LASkooter dont know how to be nothin but a real one. Good luck homie. Hit me if you need any help.

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