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I decided to spend some time checking many of the connectors that we all know and love to see how standardized the placement of specific colored wires is or is not. Turns out there is no standard at all. Except that usually you can tell by the color of the connector tip which wires will go where but only if you know which pin of the plug corresponds to what colored wire, and i feel like many dashboards have fallen victim to the incorrect assumption that just because the connectors fit together, they will be wired up the same. Not necessarily. Here are some of the most popular blue and light blue connectors used in the ES2 ES4 M365 the black ones are used in a lot of personal scooters and also in a handful of shared ones(and clones like GO X) the green plug is popular in the modified scooters like Lyft, Jump and Spin. And i think the light green may have come from a GPS connection like a Zero but cant recall. My point is BE WARNED. If the connectors fit but they connect the wrong wires, your project could be halted and you may not even know why. ..this is why
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