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By 365GUY
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Can anyone tell me what type of tool is needed to remove the front fork from the 365 and the ES scooters ?

It looks like a 18mm nut with slits in it. I can’t seem to find anything on the topic or removing it.
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Pic of zero fork bolt and ES model

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By LAskooter213
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I cut slots in an old 16 mm socket with a cutoff wheel and got one out, but it wasnt easy. I never got the thing to fit just right and I nearly stripped the nut. I ended up using a chisel like a screwdriver to finish the job. Shit show.
I can tell you that the nut is referred to as "castleated" or a "casle nut" when they are made like that. Many tools are available online, they are often called spanner sockets or axle nut sockets. I think that tool that homie listed above is worth a try for sure. I never pursued removing them again after my first endeavor. I never really had the need. I dont know why I even took one apart in the first place. I guess the urge to disassemble runs deep within my soul.
So why do you want to remove it? Any real reason or are you just a sick fuck trying to scratch that itch? Cuz I know how you feel!

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By 365GUY
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Well I’m the past when I needed a fork I would just cut it off with a angle grinder and cut off wheel and then just weld the piece I cut off to whatever I was building. But now I need to do some real customizing and build I new fork for a wider wheel. I’m surprised it isn’t in any of the bird repair manuals, it’s not listed anywhere.
I will try and see what tool I can find on amazon and post my findings for anyone else who is interested.

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By NomadMech
The best tool imo is a castle nut off of another unit and I cut off all but two of the splines. Then I weld the nut on to the end of the forks where it would normally be and bend the fork out. Now you have made a t handle wrench out of an old fork and nut that fits perfectly because that's exactly the same size. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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