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By Spinnanz
I bought a kids kick scooter, with plans to convert it to electric.

The hub motor is rated at 36v 250w, which I have previously tested on another scooter. When on the other scooter, I ran it on 36v.

Plans for this scooter are to run it on 48v, at 13a. This should make it 620w. The battery has a mount, which will be mounted on the handle bar stem. Initially I'll use a cheapo china controller that's rated at 350w but I know run 620w no problem.

If it all goes well, I've ordered a spot welder so will go the full send and make a 72v battery up. It might go boom, it might not, we will see.

The silver scoot was my test scoot, so check the motor and controller were all good.

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