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By Samconwell
Hello, I'm trying to hot rod a 250w bird motor (and another 300W unbranded with the same results) sensorless with a 48V 1000w ESC and 48V 1000w battery.
It works well and gives a lot of torque without getting too hot but It keeps stopping an restarting once it meets load at around mid speed. It is also far from the maximum power output. I checked everything and it's not caused by a low voltage cutoff or a faulty connection.

Have you got any clue of what could cause this? And even better, anny advice to solve this problem?

Thank you to all the contributors of this forum!

By M365GUY
BMS is cutting power on discharge because it's not getting the signal from the controller. Will just be going in circles with the battery basically turning off and then restarting every few minutes. Solution... Bypass BMS on discharge only and use during charge cycle only.
Bypass BMS by running new 10 or 12g wires from main battery pack positive and negative. Make sure you know what you're doing, you should understand how the pack is built


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