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joeyfreshwater wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:19 am
Dirty24 wrote:
Sun Jun 30, 2019 9:47 pm
Nice zero ! Here’s my “Es-Zero”
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hi u use generic controlleur or original ? thanks
very interesting, please tell how you did it! did you overvolt as well?

LAskooter213 wrote:
Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:45 am
Yes, I am happy to do a custom scooter for you. I can take custom orders or come up with my own design based on a few of your parameters. I will send you a sketch prior to starting work to ensure you like the design. The work can go from mild to wild as I can use exotic effects like color changing pearl paint, kandy paint, metal flake, etc. I can also pinstripe and do life-like airbrushing. I can recreate any logo or design with near perfect accuracy. On top of that, I can stylize your scooter by adding things like aftermarket handlebar grips, faux wood deck cover, colored grip tape, colored brake cable sleeve, led lighting under the scooter etc. And performance mods like adding extra batteries, over-volting, 10" tires...all that is available too. I prefer to only work on M365 scooters, as they have the most large flat surfaces to work with and turn out the best.
Thing is, I dont sell scooters really. I sell customization. Most of what you see in my posts are scooters Im doing for other people. I would either need you get your scooter to me or we could do an exchange sort of thing where I paint one of mine for you and you bring me your (undamaged, good condition) scooter and we exchange them, plus the painting fee.
And, most importantly, Im professional and legit. Ive been doing custom paint for many years now on cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters...just about anything people want painted. All of my work is top notch, all done with the highest quality automotive grade paints and materials for excellent durability and amazing visual results. I am happy to provide a written estimate and work order for any work you want done. I have excellent references available upon request. Im located in Mid- City /Downtown Los Angeles.
I do require a down payment to start work, and turn around time is typically a week or two, depending on the complexity of what you want done. Pricing ranges from $175 for a good quality basic job to $1000+ for complex, show quality multi-stage paint job and upgrades. Its not cheap, and that's actually a good thing. Because cheap paint jobs look cheap. If you want something that you can be proud of that will get noticed and respected by all who lay eyes on it, hit me up. Youll be happy you did. I am yet to have a customer that wasnt thrilled with what they received and these scooters look GOOD when they're done right.
So, yeah, thats whats up. Hit me up if youre interested. If youre in LA, lets meet up. Ill show you some examples of stuff Im working. Photos do the paintwork no justice. See it under the sun and youll be blown away. So thanks for the inquiry. Hope to hear from you soon.
I'm super impressed by your work and I'd like to talk to you about customizing my scooter (brand new Ninebot Max). I live in LA so I think this could work out nicely, do you have a website or some way I can contact you for more info?

Well, I guess it is time to show you my work.

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Once upon a time there were two Lime-S M1.1 (Lime Gen3 variant with e.g. two brakes, slightly different handlebar or simpler display). First one was found in the trash, without handlebar and with some wires cut and second one was standing for about 4 weeks in the park with bent handlebar and broken handlebar holder, after a tree had fallen on it. I gave myself permission to take them both.
The second scooter was my base. I straighten the bar and used handlebar holder from the first scooter to replace broken one. I successfully uploaded unlocked software to the controller and got 28km/h v-max.
I wanted to have cleaner look so i managed to take out the black box from the green box and put it inside diagonal pipe, just above the controller (first I removed sim card of course and disconnected the speaker, which annoys me). Yes, it fits there perfectly, you just need to move controller slightly down in the pipe so it will be screwed with one srcew only, not three. I covered the holes from the removed box with broad matte-black tape.

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I wanted to use the original display so I had to make the cable longer, now that the black box was much lower than before.
First I wanted to solder an extension, but then I thought that while black box will be just next to the controller, I will not need connector cable between them and I can use it as an extension cable. I needed 4 pin cable, and the cable I had was 6 pins, so it was just the matter of drilling 2 holes for extra pins in blue socket of black box. The solution worked.

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Additionally I wanted to have front light much lower, so I used light power cable from the first scooter to extend my cable and I put it in the fork tube so that the cable goes out of the opoening in the bottom. I took the lamp from green box and drilled a hole in the back and screw the lamp to front reflector holder.

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Now some switches: first I wanted to be able to turn on and off brake light and front light.
I soldered thin wires to front light power cable and managed to put them through a hole where brake line goes. On the bottom of brake lever I installed small lamp pull-switch (without a rope, of course), that I can move with my thumb.

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As for brake light I manage to solder the same switch to the brake power cable in the back and hide it behind the side of back wheel fender. I used a small homemede L-shaped metal part that I screwed with one of the fender screws, not to drill any extra holes in fender.

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I also wanted to turn off my scooter and turn it on without plugging the charger in. This thread helped me: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6233&start=60 . I installed hidden switch in the bottom plate of the scooter. It is located on a cable that connects battery and controller. There is also a push button there located on a new "bridge" wire that connects original battery-controller cable with original chargerport-controller cable. Basically, when you push the button scooter "thinks" the charger is plugged in and starts. I glued and insulated both buttons with silicone.

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I spray-painted it matte black and gold. Glued some sandpaper to cover Lime logo in the foot plate. Glued little sandpaper stripe on the bottom of diagonal pipe to protect it from shoes.

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Glued some round furniture floor protectors to cover little lime logos on grips or damper tops etc. I did not like color led light so I cut rubber stripe with small round opening and screwed it to cover the light almost entirely and create neat colorfull dot. I screwed smartphone holder taken from selfie stick to one of four holes below the handlebar head.

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I plan to glue a sandpaper stripe on top of back fender to protect it as well. There are also some reflective stickers to be installed. And perhaps a little led light stripe on the floor;)

To sum it up - I am really happy with the result, especially since I had to learn many skills and concepts to get to this place.

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