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By Mad_Martin
does anyone have experience with the exchangeable battery and helmet system on the new model

By doctormord
These have a software locked hook behind the battery in the upper 1/3 to prevent pulling out the pack.

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By ray_t
Removing a battery pack by force will be quite challenging. Prepare to have a big angle grinder...

A better alternative will be to drill two at least 10mm holes into the right side (viewing the scooter from the front) of the support beam.

Drill the first hole at the upper end of the locking mechanism and the second hole at the lower end of it.
Cut the 3mm cable at the lower hole and pull it out through the upper hole - now apply an unknown (!!!) voltage to the cable - the motor inside the locking mechanism should now release the battery.

To open the battery, use a long (3cm) security T10 Torx insert

Cheers, Ray

By ray_t
And don't think you can use a big screwdriver to drive the battery apart from the mount. The locking mechanism is quite well made and the battery housing is very sturdy.

By Daif21
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By Daif21
Hope it helps
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By ray_t
Ah! But it's not the newest version of the Tier scooter...

By Daif21
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