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Lime Juicer/Logistics Los Angeles

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:14 am
by Jimbooti
hi, are there any juicers in the Los Angeles area experiencing payment issues with lime ? also if you are in LA and have a logistics parthner account and would like to collab please pm me, i have a framework i developed that pretty much addresses alot of the gaping issues they have with their system (who the hell coded that mess??) and i'll be exiting their logistics program soon due to wtf jutsu! so hit me up i've had enough of this stress

Re: Lime Juicer/Logistics Los Angeles

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:13 am
by Jimbooti
i drop off limes using a lime, the art of lime fu.. with 2000k drop offs, however their hubs are migrating away (AGAIN!!) and distance plays a big factor in my is incompetent to say the least.. (and i don't give a fizza if u lurking you might learn something for once) , so if you got transpo in LA and want some free money i'm down.. picking up isn't the issue, this area is cluster 'f*****" aka (bottleneck.. good job no hubs) ..hit me up my pony does not yet have teleportation jutsu .. and the money is just sitting there quite frankly .. i don't do drop offs in south america people! .. now onto more important s*** ,, if you can code ... know hardware , et.c. and want to build some cool shit.. like i dunno say.... remote capturing a lime from a drone while visualizing it in VR via UE4 while Mother runs a bypass (opeframeworks, opencv) ... p the f*** M , me ... i'm done with this 'normal' s*** .. where are my ninjas... summoned!!!