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By UgloBuglo
deniZ34 wrote:
Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:40 am
Are those people who made a readout 100% sure it is CAN they talk to each other? I'm really lokking forward to skill up on electrical engineering and bring this project forward rather than reading uncompressed knowledge on all fields :D
I don't understand what it is you are asking, but it seems to be CAN data Rick sniffed earlier... at least WaveForms can read it as CAN protocol.
If you don't want to read the book I suggested, then just don't do it, right?
By Benni069
How about a telegram group?
Actually while i thought about writing some stuff here i realized i don’t wanna provide all this information randomly to the Internet. I don’t wanna bring anyone to do dumb stuff.
Maybe you can PM me. :lol:
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By UgloBuglo
Does anyone know the pinout of the 5-pin Julet connector between the IoT box & the ESC?
Asking for a friend.

Is is similar to this, but with CAN_H & CAN_L instead of the RX & DX, and with +48V instead of +36V?
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By Rick Sanchez
Did you guys miss me? :mrgreen: Grandpa Rick is back in da house.
@UgloBuglo yes, the pinout is similar. red=36.4-54.6V, black=ground, yellow=CAN low, green= CAN high, blue= (I call it "listen" bool, high seems to be standby, low seems to be active)

@MikeManson Not as far as I know but I didn't search for progress yet, I just came back from vacation:)
I bought a broken Tektronix TLS216 plus a bunch of probes before I started my vacation but it hasn't *buuurbbb* arrived yet. (By the way, if anyone works for USPS could you ask for me why packages meant to go to europe go several time between f**king Philadelphia and Kentucky forth and back and are not sent out of USA immediately? I ordered at the airport 2 weeks ago, USPS got my package 3 days later but it is still in USA :x )
As soon I got and repaired it I'll add an analog record of all lines and design a schematic to adapt to the Signals. With a ESP32 or STM32. (or is there any way to talk CAN with the 328P? :? )
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By UgloBuglo
Welcome back Rick!
Here are a few ways to interface with CAN from a ESP32, I am sure there are more out there: ... an-bus-v21

I'm going for a Korlan USB2CAN + RPi4, but that's because RPi suits me.
Lots of options out there when you start looking around :)

One alternative I have been considering is a Teensy board that already has CAN built-in, but then you'll have to add your own CAN Tranceiver.
I know too little about the Teensy board atm though.
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