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By guillaume19851985
Hello everybody, my english isn't good excuse me
I found an old lime okei es400, i have changed thé contrôler by a Universal contrôler.
Now i want open the batterie for hack thé bms, i can't open it, i want to cut the Wear but i don't know were i do it, someone had a picture oh that?
Thanks for your time
By guillaume19851985
Tdtdtd wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2021 8:57 pm
I removed everything electronic from the scooter, and only used the controller that I linked

Only cut the two bigger wires from the stock controller :
-The 9-pin juliet : 6 smaller ones are the hall sensor, 3 bigger one are the motor phase
-The power cable

To use the stock battery I tore it appart, and bypassed the BMS for discharge function, wired the positive directly on the cell #13
For charging it is still protected by the BMS

Oh and I also got two other scooters, and I'm currently developping a two-motors version :twisted:

Took a rear wheel, cut the front fork to get the motor inside
Already wired the two controllers on the same throttle

Just need to repaint it and put everything back together
I think that it will be nut :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Hello, how you conturn the bms battery ?
By Mua
Hey everyone!
I've been trying to start my scooter, but I havn't been succesfull yet. Can anyone share the code which they used to start the Scooter?

Or do you know how to import the CSV-file to an Arduino Sketch?

Thanks for your Replies,

By domdom
Vitalii wrote:
Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:42 pm
No current limiting :mrgreen:
I know you took it off with heat gun, Can you make a video pls, I am stuck removing the batteries in the the shell. I tried to heat gun all over the body but i dont know how to take it off or pull it off
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