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By Mad_Martin
Hast du ein Bild vom GPS Modul? Ist es in der grünen Box am Lenker? Sicherheitstorx?

Pic from GPS Modul? The green box in front?

CU Mad
By Benben
Hello. I have a lime gen 3.0.
I bought the following controller on ebay. ... sdCo-VlHsQ

Can someone help me with the wiring?
If possible I would like to take over the wiring as far as possible.
Can someone help me with the shortcuts on the original motherboard?
most important would be the Hall sensor and the cables for the gas pedal.
can anyone help?
By Benben
yes it is very easy. There are 4 screws on the front of the green box and 2 screws left and right on the box under the stickers. they are all security torx.
in it is a black box in which the module is and a battery. because simply disconnect the battery and sim out finished
By scribty
Can I reuse the built-in gen3 controller? Is there a schema for the wireing?
Or is there some lock in the connectivity board preventing it from starting?
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