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Hello i am new to this forum and to scooters. I acquired some lime scooters from auctions and would like to get one or two or more of them running. I have bought a charger and have started taking them apart. My question is how can i get these running for my kids? Ill download/buy hardware/software/parts but ive never done it so i was looking for advice from someone whom has done it before. I see there are different ways (new controller? and heard of just replacing its software?)

These are the lime version 3 scooters

I can post any info/photos needed. Thank you!
By Little_knight

I'm not so familliar with the Version 3 model, but I managed to convert a lime SJ2.5 scooter by simply changing the controller. I suppose that would also do the job in your case...BUT.. if you have a little desire to an adventure, you can try to override the controller's program and use some microeletronics skills to make it work in the current situation.
If you are an adventurer, you can take a look on this git, made by A-Emilee:

Whatever method you choose, good luck with it!
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By Jnsystems
If you have some extra Gen 3s from an auction I wonder if you are willing to sell one to me with the auction information?
No need to modify it or anything.
Ok can you give me the full step by step process/rundown for that method?

Sorry i dont have any desire to sell them as i want to get them running honestly.

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By Jnsystems
ACS wrote:Ok can you give me the full step by step process/rundown for that method?

Sorry i dont have any desire to sell them as i want to get them running honestly.

2 ways: Replace parts methods: Like 4.1 replace controller and bypass batt and wire up throttle and enjoy.
Flash the controller/software/module: Haven't tried it before but stlink the controller and program it to work with your own BLE app.

I only did gen 4.1 seated (lol really sturdy), I never done the gen3 so If i had one I can do a guide. There are other guides online to do so but it is best to either plug and play or do the replace parts methods. Guess i gotta find a gen 3 from the city instead. Hope they have some that is tow-away, red-zone, etc.
Hoarding the 4.1s since it's very rare in this city. The gen 3 is super common but whatever.

Hope I have a superped link scoot somewhere cuz this season they along with others don't have many juicers around.
Yeah i dont have a 4 or 4.1 :(

Anyone who can help me i would really appreciate it. I can give my email/ phone contact if i find someone to speed up everything and answer my questions.

I can assemble and disassemble anything, i know electricity, can solder, have any tools needed. What i need help with is knowing what exact parts(compatibility wise with voltage/sensor requirements), and with those parts what connections and whatnot.

Thank you!

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