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By iMamba
*Will update post with current/finished look when able. In video was still in prototyping mode.*

FRAME - Lime Gen 3.1 (dual-brake)

DISPLAY - Lime Gen 3 (single brake) full color

CONTROLLERS - Lime Gen 3 and Lime Gen 3.1 (both located in neck)

COMBOX - Lime Gen 3.1 (single box connected to both controllers via DIY'd y-cable from splicing 2 stock cables together) located in base of scooter with batteries.

THROTTLE - Lime Gen 3 (single throttle connected to both controllers via DIY'd y-cable from splicing 2 stock cables together)

BRAKES - N/A (had to remove front to allow room for motor) also replaced stock brake handle with a Bird 3 brake handle with the Lime connector spliced onto it (better looks as well as smaller profile allowing more bar room for accessories and has a better dinger on it). No brake cable attached to brake handle, works similar to the Ninebot ES series brakes by cutting motor power when pulled. Tail light illuminates brighter when pulled as it originally did as well.

REAR WHEEL/MOTOR - Ninebot G30 (for additional comfort from air filled tire vs stock solid hard foam ring filled tire)

FRONT WHEEL/MOTOR - Lime Gen 3 (have to cut off nub on forks for the drum brake and grind axle to extend axles flat sides down so they are flush or past fork to allow spacers to be placed on unthreaded portion of axle to allow it to be bolted tight enough to stay attached to forks ) Ran motor wires up fork zip tied to it, drilled a hole in neck close to top and ran motor wires down and into neck.

BATTERIES 216WH 10S3P from a m365 clone and a 280WH 10S3P from another m365 clone each connected to a controller. (Single, stock battery can be used but acceleration/torque/performance decreased, assumed from limited amp output of single battery into 2 ESC/motors? Also tried a Bird 3 battery and surprisingly it had the worst performance and depleted very fast. Clone batteries have significant less capacity/run time; however have best performance (better than stock) with more torque and faster acceleration.

Top Speed - 18mph (hooked a Bird 3 motor to it and it would reach 20mph with no load but wasn't able to mount it :/)

Performs well. Broke 2 sets of forks where they mount the axle during build (likely from being weakened from hammering the axle into them when trying to get mounted and also from shaving too much off axle so was constantly partially rotating applying constant force when accelerating) Is more fun than stock, able to climb hills will almost no speed reduction and able to go off road thru grass/gravel/dirt. Would like higher top speed but unable to due to restrictions/construction of the controllers. Slapped a fresh gun metal gray paint on the frame and blacked the forks and wrapped the stem in a trippy/holographic like vinyl. New grips taken from a Trek MTB, bar end mirrors, and phone mount mounted to a extension bar thing from Amazon, with 2 rechargeable headlights. Turn signal/brake light/dual parallel running lights (projects a laser line on each side of you) attached to top of rear wheel cover with wireless thumb controller for it mounted edge of left side grip. 1 IR controlled usb LED strip adhered to base. Super bright headlight from a off-road UTV light kit with a yellow DRL. (temporary as planning to replace with a Harley 6.5in HALO DRL low/high beam headlight) mounted to/beneath the display's/handlebar's gooseneck by 3 zip ties. LED strip and headlight powered by a 24v battery from a hoverboard placed into a bike phone bag/case attached to neck of frame. headlight wired to relay'd toggle switch (UTV lightbar/accesorry kit from Walmart)

Will update with more clear, gooder, current pics/video tomorrow when able, and is not allowing me to upload prototype functioning vid :/
By blinkyy
Wow, looking real nice. Good job.

How did you get the original electronics like combox and motor controller(s) to work in that custom build?
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By iMamba
blinkyy wrote:
Tue May 17, 2022 3:15 pm
Wow, looking real nice. Good job.

How did you get the original electronics like combox and motor controller(s) to work in that custom build?
I put both controllers in the neck part of the frame (where controller is originally located.) the combox I removed from its black plastic housing and wrapped it up in electrical tape (for space saving/size reduction) and it is sorta wedged in place by the charge port. Both motor controllers (Rear ESC is from the dual brake 3.1 gen3 and front ESC is the from the single brake gen3) are flashed with the Lime Gen3 25kmh unlocked.hex firmware. Just recently disassembled one of the batteries I got from one of my cheap M365 clones that I’ve been running in this and replaced the cells in it with cells from a Bird 3 battery (LG INR18650MJ1) and it’s gave it a great deal more torque and acceleration. Once I get more nickel strips I plan to do the same to the other battery as well. Also ran a blue led strip down the front of the stem down to the collar (Q). Been riding it daily and is still holding up.

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