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By Tai The Guy
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Had this (unmarked/unbranded) scooter literally given to me, free of charge, by a guy who said he owned "the company". On. fully charged & working ALLL day... Until i turned it off. Thought it was still 5-10% charged.
Spent hours trying to figure out WHY this M365 was slightly different than any other i could find. Finally noticed a website on the battery pack which explained a lot, including charger specs, so i could order a new one- after making port measurements.
Knowing the model, i found a little known app/company called Go X scooters. Pretty sure this scooter used to b associated (they do 3 wheel scooters on school campuses now).
Website is an all in 1 solution. Instead of adding the brain to an M365, they develop the app for u, & u order the scooters in bulk ready to go(handy if u want to quickly start a legit scoot-share co)
My issues:
Not sure which/if ill need a new circuit board, or if the standard ninebot will fit/work.
Not sure how to control/access the scooter.
No CLUE how to disassemble the dashboard. It's stuck on pretty good.
It beeps & flashes every time it's bumped.

Wouldn't go above "11" on the screen.

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