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haven't read all the way through this thread yet glad to see people are making strides on these models I think that they are going to be easier to hack once some of the top guns get their hands on them. I personally haven't dick with them very much but it looks like a simple interrupted that makes these turn on and off. Not integrated like the segways and xiaomi. I do know that they play tricks on us by switching wiring mid harness. For one reason or another I stripped down a0 wiring harness once and inside of those cast cylinder pieces are literally spliced wires that go from one color to the other and unless you have stripped out every bit of the loom you would never see them. I took a picture before using it for other purposes or throwing it away, whatever it was I did I don't remember, but I do have the picture and we'll look for it. If some of you're having trouble with the wiring of the zero I would be willing to bet it's because there is more than what meets the eye.
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Finally had time last night to convert my Zero.

A few tips: The bare necessities you'll need are the brushless motor controller and a battery charger for the scooter itself. You don't need a new thumb throttle, you can use the existing one. In fact, the existing one has the same color code as all the other Chinese thumb throttles. It has a very short lead to a plug, then the other side of the plug changes wire colors and goes to the dashboard. I just cut the wires off the side that leads to the dash so I could keep the plug, then extended the wires down to the motor controller.

Get a motor controller that's no bigger than 2.3" wide. It needs to be no more than 2.3" wide to be able to fit in the location where the old controller was. Mine was too wide so I had to modify the controller case to work, otherwise the frame cover will not go back on.

The 5 Hall Sensor wires should be soldered. I connected them with crimp connectors at first and then had all kinds of trouble with the scooter jerking while riding. I tried all the combinations of connecting the 3 main motor wires and it still jerked. Finally figured out it was a connection problem with the hall sensor wires so I soldered them and it fixed the problem. So, solder the 5 hall sensor wires, but stick plugs on the 3 motor wires (thick blue, green, and yellow wires) in case you need to try different combinations to get the motor running correctly.

That's the bare bones you'll need to get it running and the cheapest. Doing it this way disables the dash, so you won't be able to tell the speed or the charge level. The lights aren't hooked up either. I got it up to 23mph on flat land last night according to my GPS app on my phone.

Next I need to wire in a toggle switch to turn it On/Off. I might figure out the wiring for the lights, maybe wiring a switch and a few LEDs in series to the 4 board lights and the headlight to handle the 36v the battery puts out.

(Image shows it while I was testing it so I had the controller exposed.)
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First test ride after working out some bugs

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Complete wiring of aBird Zero

Is it working as you wanted by connecting the wires directly to bypass the GPS tracker ?
Nope, still mapping the circuit board. And i tried asking parts on this website ... ic-scooter They said they only sell parts to registered buyers only.
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